In EDVille, we present to the player both a space to independently manage their own garden area, and a space to learn from and relate to members of the community. They can learn the value of hard work and managing an ever-growing allotment, and trade their produce with the characters in EDVille to receive rewards for their work.

This is combined with our innovative way of teaching languages through games. As the player explores EDVille, they can discover soundfiles in 23 different languages to lean basic phrases, items, conversations and more. EDVille is a perfect way for ESOL students to pick up English or for any child from around the world to start learning a new language.

Throughout EDVille you will also be able to find videos that cover PSHE content, delivered in an engaging way by our cast of Mrs McGreggor – the player’s mentor in EDVille – and her friends. They’re an array of characters from different faiths, opinions, ages and backgrounds – guaranteed to make your students have their favourites. We believe that students can learn independently from vibrant characters with relatable personalities and backgrounds, and relate to those topics to the characters themselves.

Our inclusion of students into the EDVille community is well suited to those who may feel disengaged or struggle to form relationships with their peers.

Come and meet our cast of characters below, and how they can work with you to deliver engaging PSHE content to your classes!


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